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20th - 22nd June 2008, Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences campus

UnFUCK - the Unix Friends and User Campus Kamp organized by the Unix Friends and User Group Furtwangen.


In the beginning of summer semester 2008, the Unix Friends and User Group (UnFUG) of the University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen gathered together to discuss this semester's topics. UnFUG has been having an evening per semester for some short speeches from different speakers for a couple of semesters - usually called “pimp my x86”. This semester though, an extraordinary large group of people had ideas for short speeches. The audience started joking around about a whole weekend filled with short speeches…

Well, a few weeks later has the organization for an actual three day event been started. UnFUCK, the Unix Friends and User Campus Kamp was created.

However, UnFUCK is more than just a bunch of nerds, locked up in a basement, geeking and hacking around. UnFUCK shall be a three day festival in the courtyard of the University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen, including speeches - short, long, spontaneous, workshops, geeking, barbecue, beer and music. By the way, if you want to crash there that's not a problem at all. We organized some rooms to sleep and so on. Just grab a camping mat and your sleeping bag and you will be fine - for those fortunate beings who are proud owners of a tend, could you please bring it to the Campus Kamp with you. Whether we are going to use it or not is doubtful but it would be nice to have some handy. Just in case, it's better to be safe than sorry ;-) .

Everyone with a little interest is invited to join UnFUCK, either as a visitor or as a speaker. This invite does not just address students, we would be delighted if some of our university's lecturers or employees would join us as well.
UnFUCK's purpose is to bring computer science, in all its areas closer to the people. We want to spark new interests in people and pass on the passion which some of us have for those fields. All this in a relaxed environment, far-off the daily routine of the university's lectures. It's also not exclusively for members of the faculty informatics. Everyone with a little interest in topics outside of the university's scope, everybody who wants to talk about a fields in computer science, everyone who is just curious, is welcome to join us! We would enjoy to have topics from all different kinds of faculties - especially the faculties CEE, DM and MuV shall be addressed here ;)

So, if you got excited now, just enter your name in the registration form (so we can have an estimated number of expected visitors) and, if applicable, enter the topic of your speech/workshop/.. or any ideas at presentations announcement form. If you want to contact us, join #unfug at or search for an email address on the UnFUG web site.
And don't be frightened because of Unix; UnFUCK is a festival to exchange ideas and knowledge, to broaden your technical horizon, a festival to unificate common fields of interests, regardless of your course, background knowledge or operating system. We also accept topics about Windows ;)

Alright, we hope you caught the drift… don't be shy (we promise no one will be eaten ;-))!

Furtwangen, where the heck is Furtwangen

Our slogan here is, study where others take their vacation… So it's in the middle of this wonderful, oasis-like black forest. Check out the Uni on how to get there. Click on Plan of Furtwangen Campus and look for “parking lot employees” –> That's where UnFUCK will be held.

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