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Welcome Speech

Speaker: Sven Gregori, Henning Henkel, Stefan Krist
Official event opening
Introducing the Unix Friends and User Group Furtwangen and a forecast about what's going to happen the next 48 hours


Speaker: krist
A short introduction to world's greatest editor, VI - Improved!!! We are going to talk about foldings, recordings, sessions and a few new features that have been introduced with Vim 7.0 like spell-checking and other need stuff…

shell scripts

Speaker: krist
A collection of useful, handy shell scripts that have been developed over the years and how shell scripts can be used as libraries in other shell scripts.


Speaker: krist
Shibboleth is a framework to enable federation based web single sign-on. What's it good for? How does it work? And how the speaker got involved in implementing delegation for it

PowerPoint Karaoke

Speaker: Everybody
The deal with PowerPoint Karaoke is as follows. You'll be given a presentation, a set of foils that you've never seen before and you have to talk about it on the fly - no preparation, just for fun. There will be a jury that changes the slides for you, so you can concentrate completely on your presentation.

Bash features

Speaker: Krist
I'm gonna talk about bash shortcuts and nice little features that make life so much easier during your daily work.

killing the myth (of virtualization)

Speaker: MiKe
Virtualization is today in every-mouth, but what does it mean to our IT-infrastructure? I want to talk about easily made decisions, time & money and IT [specially IT-Security]


Speaker: MiKe
late night entertainment …

Fun with Microcontrollers

Speaker: MiKe
proudless borrowed stuff from Mitch. This is going to be a handsOn diy Workshop. There will be 3 famous geeky Gadgets based on the miniPOV3 (by ladyADA) available, where you can train/improve your soldering skills. there will be a fee between 5 to 10 € per kit. Please register if you want to build one, because I have only a limited amount of kits with me. Have Fun.

tvbgone plaene auf basis minipov

# Brain Machine POV TVbGONE
01- MiKeMiKe

Mobile Devices

Speaker: luke
This talk gives an introduction to mobile devices and tools which are useful in development and daily use. To focus is on Windows Mobile and Symbian OS.

MPlayer hacks

Speaker: Sven Gregori + krist


What is it and why should everybody use it?


What is lirc, what's possible and how to remote control your MPlayer session with a neat little remote.


A little program to communicate with a MPlayer instance from any terminal, script, window manager keymappings, …


A little shell script that makes MPlayer play a list of files randomized order.


Speaker: Sven Gregori + krist
Introduction, crash course and technical details about Internet Relay Chat (IRC), including a selection of IRC clients, server and bots, as well as an introduction to libirc, a generic IRC protocol library
Krist is going to talk about an on screen notification of everybody's favorite client, irssi.

Fun with Libraries

Speaker: Sven Gregori

  • what are libraries?
  • dynamic loading - loading shared libraries at runtime
  • the Binary File Descriptor (BFD) library - the heart of ld, nm, objdump, …

writing Shellcode

Speaker: Sven Gregori
Showing the basic concepts of shellcode - what it is, how to create it and how to use it in exploits, including a small section about buffer overflows

Plan 9

Speaker: Sven Gregori (spontaneous during the night)
Short overview about Plan 9 from Bell Labs, a distributed operating system
Covering design concepts of Plan 9, distributed computing and the 9P protocol

ECC Introduction

Speaker: Sven Gregori – probably canceled
An introduction about Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Talking about Finite Fields, Elliptic Curves in general and how and why they are used in cryptography

SmartCard Technologies I

Speaker: Florian Hess
Introduction of SmartCards including the technical structure.Further we will talk about what type of smart cards exists, Smart card standards, smart card environment and memory organization and file systems.

SmartCard Technologies II

Speaker: Florian Hess
Based upon the introduction of SmartCards we will talk in this presentation slot about the Chip Operation System (COS - Java Card, Multos, Open Platform) and the design implemenations and requirements. If there will be some time left we can talk about application development methods and digital signature cards(PKCS#15).

Understanding AES

Speaker: Florian Hess
This presentation will outline the difference between symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography as soon as detail discussions about understanding AES and his cryptographic algorithm.


Speaker: Henning Henkel
Most of the people think of Samba as “it does windows shares on *nix”. This presentation will give an overview what else can be realised with Samba in a heterogeneous network.


Speaker: Henning Henkel
A short visual introduction into the basics of the kerberos protocol.


Speaker: Florian Westphal
ns-3 a in-development network simulator for Internet systems targeted for research and educational use. Network Simulation Cradle (nsc) is a project to allow real-world network stacks to be used in simulated networks. This talk gives an introduction to network simulation, and ns-3s and nscs concepts and design. We will also look at some of the real-world TCP implementations and what is needed to make them run within the simulator.

A review of the TCP/IP protocol suite

Speaker: Florian Westphal
This talk takes a look at the development history of the internet protocols. We'll also take a peek at some of the internals of the Linux networking stack.


Speaker: Phil Sutter
Mit Asterisk als Telefonanlage in Software hat eine kleine Revolution in die Telekommunikationsindustrie Einzug gehalten. Der Vortrag wird erläutern wie es dazu kam, und im Anschluss eine Starthilfe zur Konfiguration und Anbindung ans ISDN-Netz geben.


Speaker: Phil Sutter
Vorgestellt werden drei Sourceforge-Projekte, zu denen der Referent engere Bindungen Pflegt: unssh, deskapp und conky.


Speaker: Frank Grimm
A short introduction on real-time image processing using the free Intel OpenCV library and it's potential applications.


Speaker: Holger Gantikow
Vortrag wird zweigeteilt, vermutlich gibt's auch ne kleine Hands-On-Session.

Im ersten Vortrag werden verschiedene Arten von Clustern (HPC, HA, LB) vorgestellt, an Hand eines Beispieles aus der Industrie gezeigt was so an Hardware fuer einen modernen Cluster im Einsatz ist. Danach werden Einsatzzwecke von HPC-Cluster, im Speziellen aus dem Automotive-Sektor vorgestellt und es werden Anforderungen an die Hardware und das Environment aufgezeigt.

Im zweiten Vortrag liegt dann der Fokus auf der Software-Seite: was an Betriebssystem eingesetzt werden kann, bzw sollte ;-). Es werden 2 Cluster-Distributionen angerissen, Management-Tools, Prinzip von Queueing-Systemen (kurz) vorgestellt und was es an Bibliotheksunterstuetzung (PVM, MPI) gibt.

Sollte noch Interesse bestehen, gibt's noch einen kleinen Test-Cluster (3 Knoten) auf dem man sich die Tools mal anschauen kann, bzw. zumindestens mal ein HelloWorld laufen lassen kann.


Speaker: Azidburn
Es soll ein kurzer Überblick über Zertifikate, PKI Topologien gegeben werden. Es wird die Installation und Konfiguration von OpenCA besprochen und gezeigt.

Paul Erdoes

Speaker: Lothar Piepmeyer
Paul Erdös, March 26, 1913 - September 20, 1996) was an immensely prolific (and famously eccentric) Hungarian mathematician. With hundreds of collaborators, he worked on problems in combinatorics, graph theory, number theory, classical analysis, approximation theory, set theory, and probability theory.


Speaker: Bernhard Hollunder
Eine Lösung nach dem Prinzip: Warum programmieren?

Key Signing Party

Speaker: Alex Passfall + Janosch Siller
GnuPG/PGP + CAcert
näheres bald..
Wer assuren kann, bitte in diese Liste eintragen:

Name Punkte Anwesenheit(von-bis)
Janosch 10 Sa
MiKe 106 Fr - So

Ich glaube man soll hier Punkte eintragen, die man vergeben kann Mike ;-)


Speaker: Thomas Fischer
Wieso machen viele Dos Spiele mehr Spass als viele neues Games?
Muss es wirklich nur Grafik sein?
Und wie bekomme Ich meine alten Games wieder zum laufen?
Einige Games und Emulatoren.


Speaker: MKV21, solid
Einblick in das sehr interessante Thema Netzwerk-Fuzzing mit anschliessenden Live-Demos.


Speaker: Daniel Leese
Kurzvortrag/Demonstration: Wie ein 5-Zeiler eine Hardwarefirewall zum Absturz bringt.

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